Discover Different Types of Logos

How to recognize and use different types of logos

There are several types of logos, but do you know them? When creating your logo, you need to think about colors, icons, shapes, style, and fonts. But what about the type of logo? We separated the types of logos into 5 main categories: monogram, signature, symbol, combined, and badge or coat of arms logos. This will make it easier for you to choose the type of logo that is best for your business.

Different types of logos

Monogram logo (or lettermarks)

Let's start with monogram logos, also called lettermark logos! This type of logo is composed of only letters: the initials of the company or an acronym like NASA. Monogram logos and signature logos should not be mixed as wordmark logos include the entire name of a company and monogram logos are composed of only a few letters. The emphasis of a monogram logo is the font. Precisely, along with the positioning of the letters, it is often the font that makes a monogram logo stand out. In addition, letters are often duplicated or intertwined to create a unique, recognizable symbol. Monogram logos are generally short, which goes with current trends.

Wordmark logo (or logotypes)

Now, let's talk about wordmark logos. This is a common type of logo. Wordmark or signature logos are only composed of the company name without an icon or symbol. If that were the case, it would be a combination mark logo! What are the important elements of a wordmark logo? First, there is the font. As the company name is the main element of the logo, it is essential to find a font that represents you well. Then, there are the colors. Do not take colors lightly as they have meaning. Finally, you can also play with the letters themselves. This may simply be spacing the letters or changing the shape of the letters to create certain combinations like Coca-Cola, which is a very stylized look. This will give different looks to your logo. For example, the letters on the ZARA logo are very close together.

Emblem logo

Unlike wordmark logos that include only text, emblem logos are a type of logo consisting only of an image, symbol or icon. You will notice that this type of logo is mainly used by large companies that no longer need to add their name to their logo as they are easily recognized by the symbol alone. If you're just starting your company, it's best to start with a combination mark logo. This is the next type of logo to discuss. As you will see, the image is the most important element of emblem logos. So, you have to choose an icon that will perfectly represent your business. Moreover, it is important to mention that in recent years, icon logos have become simpler, just consider logos of Mastercard, Slack, and Starbucks. Make sure your logo is simple, even minimalist if you want to follow the latest trends.

Combination mark logo

Do you have trouble choosing between a wordmark logo and an emblem logo? Why not use both at once by creating a combination mark logo? This type of logo is considered a basic logo. It includes the name of a company and an image. It also offers a lot of flexibility, because depending on your needs you can only use the text or icon. This really is a type of logo to consider and easy to create. If you choose to make a combination mark logo, you can try different versions by playing with the position of the text and image – symbol at the top of the text, bottom, left, right. Don't forget to choose a font that works well with your icon and vice versa.

Badge or coat of arms logo

The last type of logo we want to talk to you about is the badge or coat of arms logo. This type of logo is often more refined and can quickly give credibility to your business. In fact, several brands and prestigious companies use this type of logo like Lamborghini, Porsche, Cadillac, and Harvard University. If you want to show seriousness and that your company has been around for a long time, the badge or coat of arms logo is the type of logo to consider. Badge or coat of arms logos are often shield-shaped like a coat of arms. These logos are made up of text and various elements that represent the company, or in the past a family or a kingdom. However, be careful not to add too many items and keep it simple so that your logo is easy to use.

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