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Let your business bloom! Are you a florist? Flowers are your speciality and logos are ours! Choose amongst these templates and start creating something awesome. Try adding a flower icon or sweet colors like peach, salmon or light blue. Your logo will be a direct representation of your work and you should be proud of it!
Floral Logo

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Floral Logo

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preguntas frecuentes

Am I obligated to use flowers in my logo?

It is true that flowers are grandly associated with florists and gardeners, but you are not obligated to use them if you do not want to. Start by asking yourself what your values are and how you can stand out from your competitors. You can even choose a wordmark and decide to put forward your business name if you want.

I would like to use many colors in my logo. How can I make sure the final result is beautiful?

First, we recommend you do not use more than three colors to increase your chances of creating a well-balanced logo. If you want to use three colors, start by choosing a main color (60% of the logo), a secondary color (30% of the logo), and a third color (10% of the logo). Then, make sure that there are sufficient contrasts between the different parts of your logo. This should help you create a beautiful logo for your gardening or florist business.

I would like to use my logo on my car or on my store’s display. How can I proceed?

Whether it is for your store’s display or gardening truck, you need to contact a printing business to request a quote. You will likely need your logo in a vector format so the printer can use it whatever the size of the project. Fortunately, you have access to SVG vector files when you choose FreeLogoDesign’s high-resolution package.

Floral Logo

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