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Seguridad Logo

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Seguridad Logo

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preguntas frecuentes

What types of logos would be the most appropriate for my security business?

All types of logos could work; it depends on what you want to focus on with your logo. Our recommendation would be to try the badge or coat of arms type of logo. Indeed, you will be able to show your seriousness and professionalism with a badge-shaped background.

What should I keep in mind when creating my logo?

This is our tip: stay simple. Avoid any unnecessary details and the use of too many elements. For example, keep in mind not to use more than three main colors and two fonts in order to increase your chances of creating a well-balanced logo. This should help you create a logo that will answer the needs of your security business.

I would like to have business cards. How can I proceed?

First, start by finding a printer specialized in business cards. There are some online or you may find one in your area. Create your cards and check them to make sure there are no mistakes. Finally, add your security business logo to your business cards. According to the printer, you might need PNG or SVG files of your logo. Business cards will surely help you during networking events get new customers!

Seguridad Logo

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