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Crear un logo para tu negocio de Internet con FreeLogoDesign es muy fácil, ¡no lo vas a creer! Agrega el icono de computadora favorito y juega con las letras después de haber seleccionado tu plantilla favorita de nuestra amplia selección. Agrega el nombre de tu negocio y elige los colores corporativos. Además, obtiene tu logo en diferentes formatos y tamaños para que puedas exhibirlo en la web.
Internet Logo
Internet Logo

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How to create a logo that will be well-looking online?

There are many elements to take into account if you want your logo to be well-looking online. First, it must be simple and flexible. For example, avoid any unnecessary details that would not appear on your Favicon. If needed, create different versions of your web logo. If you have a combination mark logo, you could have a version with your business name and another with the symbol only. It is recommended to use your logo in a PNG format for the header of your website.

Should I choose a serif or sans serif font for my logo?

The choice is yours, but sans serif fonts are used on the web most of the time. Indeed, this type of font is considered more modern and accessible. You can notice that many important web businesses (Google, YouTube, Spotify) use sans serif fonts on their logo.

Which colors are generally associated with the web and technologies?

According to the meaning of colors, gray is often associated with modernity and new technologies like the web. On its part, blue is related to knowledge. During the creation of your web logo, keep in mind to choose a main color associated with the values or message you wish to convey. You can choose any color; it only needs to represent your business well.

Internet Logo

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